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Covid 19 Year 2020

Posted on June 7, 2020 at 11:35 AM

Well! what can I say! (rhetorical)

Hope everyone is coping well despite these strange times, sometimes frustrating, sometimes sad, sometimes lonely. I'm sure there are many more adjectives to describe what we have all been going through. However, there are sometimes when the most awful times can bring out something in us which was forgotten or lost, or seldom used. In my case, I have regained my love of drawing! I was inspired with a photograph of my girlfriend's new born granddaughter Aya, and I haven't stopped since. I have done studies of my own dogs, I have completed five others, and a cat, with requests waiting. It has been a pleasure to refind my artistic talent, which over years got lost in all those other things, or life for want of a better word.

We have also found the time to renovate the last part of our house, work in the garden and repair things we never get time for.

Sadly, this year we have not been able to have our wonderful Workaway helpers, volunteer workers who come to help keep the garden up to speed, and do odd jobs which we normally don't have time for, in exchange for full board and lodging, but with no guest we have managed to keep everything under control. Geoff is busy helping a neighbour with odd jobs, which keeps him even busier.

We won't be seeing friends and relatives either as their planned trips have all had to be cancelled. 

However, we were able to do a little good for our community by offering our apartments for free to our local hospital in Flers, for medics who had to be separated from their families. We had a lovely lady doctor from Paris stay for six weeks whilst on the front line in Flers hospital. It's good to know that even though we couldn't serve the public, we could serve the community.

We are open for business of course, but we will be practising strict social distancing rules, which means no breakfasts and no dinners! Sorry, but it's for everyone's safety. And as Geoff and I are in the 'at risk' group we will be adhering to the rules very carefully. Fortunately, our self contained studio apatments are ideal for guests to stay, in the knowledge that they can have their break from lockdown, but stay safe at the same time.

There is hope that we can keep this virus under control by sticking to sensible rules, however difficult and inconvenient it all may be. Here in Conde sur Noireau, Flers and even in Caen there are next to no cases any more, so we are a very safe place to be.

Come and see and have that break you deserve. By which time the terraces should be full of wild flower displays, (no dahlias this year, to cut down the work), the vegetables will be up and you can sample my home made strawberry jam!

Looking forward to meeting you across the garden, in the BBQ area and promise to make your stay as good as we can under the circumstances.

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