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My Blog


Spring 2017

Posted on March 19, 2017 at 6:49 AM Comments comments (7524)
It's been a long time since my last update, for many reasons, mostly health related, but no boring details to follow.

The grass is growing, the daffodils and snowdrops are up and everything is bursting with life! We love this time of the year, it signals warmer weather, long awaited after the freezing temperatures we had in January and February. Down to minus 15C at one point! The pond froze over and even the waterfall froze with the water trickling under it, truly amazing and something we have never had before.

We are well ahead in the garden at the moment, vegetable patch already to be planted up, grass already cut - twice, and the seedlings up and strong in the poly tunnel. The dahlia tubers are on the bench and we are waiting for the first shoots to appear. Always an exciting time to see these tiny shoots become magnificent blooms in the summer.

We had a short time away in Provence in February, helping a friend move into her home. It was nice to have such a temperate climate, 18-20C. However, good to be back in the wonderful verdant Normandy. I know that goes with an large amount of rain, but well worth it to have such a lush environment.

The pond has been cleaned, the filters changed and our growing number of fishes are being fed again. We started off with 8 and now have an estimated 40! can't be exact as the little devils don't stand still enough to count accurately. Their environment obviously suits them and they are just increasing in number exponentially! We are told that they will only increase in numbers up to the size of the pond. We'll see what happens this year!

We already have several bookings and even have guests at this time of the year, which is unusual, so if you would like to spend time at La Ferme, book early.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017. Hope to see you soon.

Happy New Year!!!

Posted on January 1, 2013 at 1:22 PM Comments comments (3777)
And another year has slipped by! It's unbelievable how time just flies and we are already into updating the site and starting off yet another year at La Ferme. We will be happy if this year goes as well as last and look forward to meeting even more wonderful guests and sharing their experiences over a glass or two. Henri the Westie (now 16 and half!!!) is still going strong and despite his deafness and age seems to enjoy life here at La Ferme. All the guests just love him and I'm sure with such a  large turnover of people through the place it helps keep him on his toes. It certainly works that way for me! Freddiepup is no longer the pup he was and has matured into a magnificent Border Collie with the nicest personality we could wish for. A real complement to Henri and a huge asset to the household.

With all our ailments behind us we are looking forward to a good year, especially now with the second apartment up and running. It has been as well received as the first.

We are, however, hoping for a dryer year this year, I even had geraniums drown in their pots as they never had a chance to drain. The garden was not so good last year but I'm hoping with better health and more time this year it will be restored to its former glory.